The Many Benefits Of Automatic Mahjong Table

One of the newest furniture innovations that has significantly improved the fortunes of the Mahjong game Industry is an automatic mahjong table. This table operates by using magnetism to influence the placement of its tiles, ensuring that they are automatically shuffled and arranged. This guarantees that it has numerous advantages. These are thoroughly explained in this article.

How The Auto Mahjong Table Functions

The brain behind the operation of the Automatic Mahjong Table is the magnetic force and this is provided by four strong magnets.

The positioning of the Mahjong tiles on the tables—whether they face up or down—depends on the operation of the quad magnets. Each magnet in the table is positioned so that it faces the like pole of the other (keep in mind that like poles repel and unlike poles attracts). The magnets will be forced to repel one another once this is finished, and the tiles will swing into an unobservable position.

Using the force of the four potent magnets, the tiles are then parried into a conveyor belt. They are then allotted to each wall as needed after this is completed. A sensor that performs the accounting and math is used to help with this allocation. Each time the game is played, this process is repeated.

Advantages Of An Automated Mahjong Table

The automatic has been around since the 1960s, when Mahjong tiles first gained popularity and the first one was created by a Japanese sewing company. It has since been enhanced and currently outperforms the conventional tables in a number of ways. Here are some of them:


We have three distinct designs for automatic mahjong tables: Japanese, Chinese, and American. American Mahjong is played with 166 tiles, Chinese Mahjong is played with 144 tiles, and Japanese Mahjong is played with 136 tiles. Now that there are more tiles in the American version of the automatic mahjong table, you can play all three variant games on it. However, you can only play the American game on a Chinese or Japanese mahjong table, not the other way around.


The cost of Automatic Mahjong Tables are high, but like other expensive possessions, they are built to last. These tables are built to last for a very long time; the majority of them include a warranty that covers all units for one year. Given that these tables do need maintenance, it is also typical to receive additional after-warranty services.

Saves Time And Brings About Ease

The convenience that automatic tables offer Mahjong players is one of their major benefits. It permits shuffling and guarantees that the game is ready for the following round. This minimizes the possibility of any player intentionally cheating. Additionally, the length of the game is greatly reduced, which increases its enjoyment.


The advantages of automatic mahjong tables over conventional tables range from time savings to dependability. In an effort to promote innovation and beauty, manufacturers have recently improved these tables, making them a convenient option for any sincere Mahjong fan.



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