Advantages of E-Ink Displays You Should Know

Electronic inc also known as E-Ink is a technology that produces paper-like displays, which people are familiar with. This technology is now used in automating advertising. The truth is that eink display are quite popular because of their resemblance to the printed paper. Many people find them comfortable to their eyes and provide good readability. In addition, they are easy to use, less labor intensive, have quick production times and have long battery life. They are widely used for the labeling of rooms and digital signage. Some E-Inks can be permanently installed or attached to various assets. The following are some of the advantages of E-Ink displays.

Digital Signage

Many businesses use E-Ink displays as digital signage for service and functional rooms. They can also be used in conference rooms. You can also display floor plans and label lockers. In hospitals, they are used to label medical equipment, beds, containers, shelves, and healthcare. Ideally, they have a range of applications when used as digital signage or labeling equipment.

Automatic Updates

Since it is low-energy technology, it can display content continuously. Also, it can be connected to Bluetooth to provide updated content automatically and wirelessly. For meeting rooms, it is possible to display the current occupancy and booking times. Some of these displays have interfaces that exchange information with booking systems. You can also use E-Ink displays to disseminate information about the room’s capacity and equipment.

When E-Inks are placed on lockers, they can provide information about the person who has booked the locker. If you have certain areas of interest, you can have them displayed. This technology can also be used in industrial setups to rely on relevant data regarding duties and assigned orders. For healthcare environments, you can digitally label beds or medical equipment.

Manual Updates

Although they are commonly used to provide automatic updates, you can also use them to pass manually triggered updates. For instance, there are times you want to change the status of the room manually.

LED Indicator

Most E-Ink displays have LED indicator, which provides vital information about booked rooms. Usually, the LED lamp can be controlled through a remote system or a smartphone app. In the transport sector, this is an important feature that ensures goods are easily identified. This helps speed up the picking process and minimizes errors.

Location Tracking

Other than labeling E-Ink displays, this technology makes it possible to locate your hardware. In fact, tracking these displays is important in industrial and logistics environments. Digital labeling of containers and goods can help improve and accelerate processes.


Whatever paper does, it can be done with an E-Ink display. This technology was invented by a person who thought about how to make the paper experience great. Although this technology is relatively new, it has some challenges. For instance, it is not much responsive as compared to LED, LCD, and common mainstream displays. Also, devices that use this technology are constrained to greyscale displays. In the future, this is likely to change as more and more colors get added. If you want larger E-Ink displays, you should be ready to pay more.



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